Spatial Visual Communication


The Spatial Visual Communication Program actually establishes a new field of expertise in design discipline, one that until now did not exist in Israel. The program combines the talents required of 2 different professionals: an interior designer and a visual communications designer, and offers solutions provided by a single professional - designer of visual communications in space who will be accomplished in reading architectural plans, comprehending the plans vis-a-vis the physical and virtual space, understanding typography and design - and will know how to merge all these into a single, clear and precise design solution.

Head of the program: New York designer and artist Michael McDevitt.

The Program

Spatial Visual Communication is a dedicated four-year, theory to practice program, conceived to bridge the disciplines of spatial design and visual communication with context, content and meaning. A fluid and innovative forum from which to explore and reexamine the spaces, places and ways in which we work, live, and play.

With one foot firmly planted in a foundation of classic art and humanities, and the other stepping into the boundless field of multidisciplinary design — Spatial Visual Communication will journey beyond the walls of studios and into the world, communities and lives of those people for whom we are creating.

Employing the tools of the artisan and the technology of the digital pioneer, The Program  challenges student and lecturer alike to question paradigm, ritual and culture with emerging knowledge, innovation and process. Equipped with word, image, structure and imagination, students and lecturer exchange ideas and speak to human experience and daily existence with open eyes, minds and hearts to embrace possibility, answer to responsibility, and deliver on conviction.

Areas of Study

 Foundation in History, Theory and Critical Studies

 Informed Conceptual Thinking and Innovative Problem Solving

 Narrative Branding and Identity Curation

 Spacial Integration, Mapping and Navigation

Sequential Storytelling and Information Graphics

Interactive Media and Interface Design

 Professional Presentation and Best Business Practices

Year 1

Built upon a foundation of classic art, humanities and language, Year One will introduce students to the guiding academic principles and practice of multidisciplinary design. Offering an integrated curriculum of experimentation, problem solving, process, and fundamental technology, students will be immersed in the verbal and visual language of the Spatial Visual Communication designer.

Year 2

Building upon the lessons of Year One, Year Two will further students exposure to art, critical studies and language through the introduction of contemporary thought, theoretical writing and the history of Spatial Visual Communication. Technical studies and Workshops will advance informed problem solving and production processes all the while building a professional business acumen.

Year 3

Year Three sees students bringing the Spatial Visual Communication Program’s mantra of theory to practice academia to life. With concentrations in marketing and branding, technology and manufacturing, information and broadcasting, students will be challenged to see the light, give voice to spaces,places and objects, and the share their experience with the rest of the world — with pride, polish, purpose, meaning and human connection.

Year 4

Year Four requires students to research, develop and present a thesis project. Based on their academic studies, practical work experience and professional goals, students will be tasked with answering their thesis statement with supporting documentation, innovative design and the application emerging technologies and production methodologies. Fully articulated projects will advance the field multidisciplinary design and Spatial Visual Communication while speaking to The Program’s founding principals of social, environmental and personal responsibility — all the while preparing students for a lifetime dedication to the business of multidisciplinary design

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