Dr. Yossi Nehushtan 

Dr. Yossi  Nehushtan 

Chief-Editor of Hamishpat Law Review 

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Chief-Editor of Hamishpat Law Review; Dean of Discipline; Head of the ‘Secular Judaism’ academic programme.


A graduate of our School of Law, who returned to us as lecturer, having completed his doctorate in Oxford University.  

Dr. Nehushtan's main research and teaching fields are Public Law; Human Rights Law; Legal and Political Theory; Law and Religion.




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Dr. Yossi Nehushtan

Publications in English

1.    'Granting Conscientious Exemptions: The Need to Take Sides' 7 

       Religion and Human Rights 1-28 (2012)

2.    'Selective Conscientious Objection: Philosophical and Conceptual Doubts in light

      of Israeli Case Law' (forthcoming 2012 in Selective Conscientious Objection and Military

      Service in the 21st Century; Editors Paul Robinson & David Whetham).3.    'The Links between Religion and Intolerance' (2011) 23(1) Philosophy and Theology


4.   'Religious Conscientious Exemptions' (2010) 30(2) Law and Philosophy 143-166.  

5.     Female Segregation for Religious Justifications: The Unfortunate Israeli Case’(2009)4 Droit et Religions 441-459 

6.      Secular and Religious Conscientious Exemptions: Between Tolerance and Equality’ in Law and Religion in Theoretical and Historical Context (edited by Peter Cane, Carolyn Evans and Zoë Robinson; Cambridge University Press, 2008) 243-267.

7.    'The Limits of Tolerance: A Substantive-Liberal Perspective' (2007) 20(2) Ratio Juris 230-257.

8.     Free Expression and the Limits of Liberal Tolerance’(2007) 40(1) Israel Law Review 255-276    


Publications in Hebrew

1.       "עקרון הסובלנות" עיוני משפט לד (1) 5-46 (2011)

2.       "חליצת הלכה במצבי אי הסכמה" הפרקליט נ 631-649 (2010).

3.       "המעמד של חתימת הקיום במסגרת הליך החנינה" משפטים על אתר ב 25-54 (2010).

4.       "(אי) גיוס בחורי ישיבות – סיפורה של ביקורת שיפוטית" המשפט ו 183-205 (2001).

5.       "אפליית גברים בצה"ל" המשפט ד 115-136 (1999).