Dr. Baruch  Blich 

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Born in New York, raised and educated in the kibbutz “Einat', Dr. Blich completed his High School studies in Tel Aviv. He is the holder of a BA degree in Psychology and Philosophy and MA degree in Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with a thesis titled “Viewing In Line" which was prepared under guidance of Prof. Avishai Margalit and a Ph.D. in "Pictorial Representation and its Cognitive Status' which was prepared under guidance of Professor Amos Funkenstein of the University of Tel Aviv. He was beneficiary of the post-doctorate Colton Scholarship at the Warburg Institute in London (1989) and has written an article under guidance of Ernest Gombrich and Roger Skroton. Since 1988 Dr. Blich has been teaching in various academic institutes including  at the School of Fine Arts in Antwerp (2000).
He is a regular participant in numerous international conferences dealing with various research concerning methods for transfer of information using visual displays: London (Institute of Warburg), Kirchberg (Austria), Nottingham (England), Berlin (School of Arts), Prague, Dublin, Urbino (Italy), New York, the Technion (Haifa), Bezalel (Jerusalem), the Van Leer Institute (Jerusalem) and more.
His articles have been published in various academic journals. Scientific editing and writing of the introduction to a book titled “The Medium in Twentieth Century Art”, published by the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem.
He is the Editor in Chief of Bezalel's History and Theory Unit's web journal: “History and Theory: Protocols”.


Visual Language, Art as Communication, Reading Pictures, Culture and Pornography.


Key Publications:
"‘Natural kinds’ as a kind of family resemblance”, Proceedings of the 12th International Wittgenstein symposium, August 1987, pp. 285-289
“Pictorial representation and its cognitive status”, Visual arts research, vol. 15 no. 1 (issue 29), spring 1989
“Pictorial realism”, Empirical aesthetics in the arts, vol 9 (2), pp. 175-189, 1991
“About art”, Comparative literature and culture: WWWeb journal, Purdue University 3.3 (September 2001
"The epistemology of the Photographic image", Photosearcher no. 8, September 2005


Areas of Interest and Research:
Visual languages, transfer of information by visual means, historical expressions of transfer of information, the history of Western culture and contemplation, the penetration of pornography into culture, high culture vs. marginal culture and mass media as a means for presentation of values.