The Sharing Economy Comes Home

From leasing to co-ownership housing


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    What  happens when  the  sharing  economy  meets the  housing  market?
    The conference will examine current models for alternative  housing  ownership  from  leasehold  rentals, to  equity  sharing  and  housing  co-operatives.
    How do these new models shape urban housing? Can we live differently? How do you build a residential sharing community? What economic models support new forms of non-ownership housing? The conference is multi-disciplinary bringing together Economists, legal specialists, planners, architects,entrepreneurs and social activists. The conference combines lectures by local and international practitioners and academics and an Idea-thon for joint discussion and idea generation between participants. Speaker include: Andreas  Hofer, Zurich Municipality, initiator of the award winning co-operative housing How Will We LIve Tomorrow’; Sascha Zander co founder' Zanderroth Architects, Berlin ‘Architects as Housing Catalysts’; Dr Sebastian Schipper, Urban Geographer at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany 'Housing beyond the the market and state’; Ora  Bloom founder and director of the clinic for social equality in housing, the ‘Hagar Institute’, Tel Aviv University, Law School.
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HybridHome Ownership
Private sector shared equity

Cooperative housing
Not only mine

Shared spaces

Leasehold rentals
Leasing,installment or credit-based home ownership

Living Chapters
Life cycle Housing




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