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Who We Are

Our Unique History

The College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) was established in response to needs that began to emerge in Israel’s higher education system in the 1970s. The system, dominated by seven universities, was essentially rejecting many young people with high potential, forcing them to study abroad to earn a degree. Higher education was in a sense elitist, and confined to a relatively small segment of the population.

Founded in 1978, the College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) was the first non-subsidized, non-profit academic institution in Israel to be recognized and certified by Israel's Council for Higher Education. Following a vigorous campaign, in 1986 COMAS was granted authorization to award a BA degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Official recognition of COMAS’ status was a milestone in the democratization of Israeli higher education.

With about 12,000 students and more than 40,000 alumni, COMAS is now the largest college in Israel, and has become a dynamic, innovative and driving force in Israel’s higher education. The College offers Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration, Law, Media, Economics, Organizational Development and Consulting, Computer Science, Behavioral Sciences, Family Studies, Interior Design and Psychology. In national examinations, COMAS students rank in the top percentiles in their scores and professional success.

COMAS has achieved impressive growth thanks to its success in meeting a real need - the desire of young Israelis for unique curricula that combine professional knowledge with practical application, close ties between faculty and students, and small classes.

Over more than thirty years since its establishment, COMAS has become the college of choice for many students because of its unique academic outlook, its attentiveness towards its students, its professional hands-on approach to the subjects taught, and its emphasis on social awareness and responsibility, with both students and faculty taking part in community and outreach activities.


Mission Statement 


The student is at the very center of COMAS' educational efforts. We are continually seeking to enhance our educational program with the goal of providing our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance and develop, and to instill in them a lifelong commitment to learning.

The College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) is committed to providing all those who have the potential and desire to learn with an opportunity for a quality education, irrespective of their origin or background. As an institution committed to financial strength, stability and fiscal responsibility, COMAS is in a position to continually expand its development program as well as the number of scholarships it offers the financially needy.

As Israel and other countries undergo major transformations in all spheres of life – social, economic, and political – COMAS stands in the educational forefront, creating and developing the programs that will provide its students with the abilities and know-how to cope with this newly emerging reality and the challenges that lie ahead.

Above and beyond its immediate mission of imparting knowledge, the College seeks to instill among students an awareness of the value of social involvement and contribution to the community, the importance of intellectual and professional integrity, as well as a solid sense of personal responsibility.


Current Structure 


Today the College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) consists of 8 academic units:

School of Business Administration
The Haim Striks School of Law
School of Media Studies
School of Economics
School of Behavioral Sciences
School of Design
School of Computer Science
Department of Psychology

Each of these academic units is officially accredited to grant bachelor degrees. The schools of Business Administration, Law, Behavioral Sciences, Media Studies and Economics are accredited to grant masters degrees.




COMAS' faculty includes some of the leading names in Israeli scholarship, as well as many individuals who represent a lifetime of achievement in the private and public sectors. Faculty members are encouraged to conduct research, and are provided assistance by the College’s Research Authority. Faculty-student relationships are close, and students know that the doors of faculty members are always open.

To ensure that teaching standards remain at a consistently high level, the College has established a Center for Excellence in Teaching to address key issues in teaching at the higher education level in general, and at the College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) in particular.

There are presently nearly 1,000 academic positions at COMAS, and almost 250 administrative positions. 




Students come from all over the country, but primarily from central Israel. Since the College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS) is non-profit and not government subsidized, tuition fees are higher than other subsidized institutions. Nevertheless, applications far exceed the number of places available and over the years the College has graduated more than 40,000 students, many of whom hold influential and key positions in the Israel economy. Current enrollment stands at approximately 12,000 students.

Graduates are eagerly courted by public and private bodies that are aware that they have precisely the skills needed to immediately fulfill the demands of the job. In national qualifying exams, the percentage of students who pass the bar exam is extremely high. In the qualifying exams for CPAs, the College's students perform well above average.



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