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    The School of Media Studies at The College of Management Academic Studies is the first media school in Israel that has offered a B.A degree in Media Studies and Management since 1995. Since then, the School has trained approximately 5,500 alumni that are playing a significant role in shaping Israeli culture and have leading roles in the television industry, the digital and print journalism, radio, advertising and more.

    As an academic pioneer in the field of media studies, the school maintains the highest academic standards and is keeping its place at the forefront of media studies in Israel. In October 2014 the school launched an innovative curriculum based on a groundbreaking and unique model developed by leading experts in the school. It is called "Startup Logic".
    The model is based on the understanding that the new media professionals will be required to understand and engage in more than one field of expertise. The model pushes the students to specialize in various fields of knowledge so as to enable them to integrate into the workplace, as well as to lead their own projects.

    Our Graduates

    The School of Media Studies's graduates play major roles in hundreds of media organizations. They take positions in writing, managing, editing, photographing, marketing, advertising, spokesmanship, PR, digital media and many others. 

    First tier lecturers

    The School of Media Studies has an impressive team of lecturers who bring their rich experience from the real world. The school’s staff is comprised of lecturers that work and are active in the industry. They bring experience alongside with up-to-date learning materials in an innovative and interesting way.


  • 6
    Editing rooms
  • 2
    Tv and radio studios
  • 100
    Organizations in which practical internships take place
  • 5600
    Graduates in keypositions
  • 106
    The “Kol Hakampus” school’s radio station



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