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    The Haim Striks School of Law is committed to educating and cultivating outstanding jurists, empowering students', expanding their professional horizons and developing their ability and inclination to contribute to the advancement of human rights and to an ethical technological and business culture.

    The school was founded in 1990 by Prof. Daniel Freedman who later served as Israel’s Minister of Justice. It was the first non-university institution to be accredited by the Council for Higher Education Council to grant its graduates an LL.B degree, and the first to offer an LL.M program.

    Fostering academic excellence
    The challenging curriculum combines classic legal expertise with multidisciplinary law, and consists of mandatory courses, elective courses, practical workshops, seminars, and unique projects and courses.

    Our top-of-the-line faculty members, who include top professors and researchers in their respective fields, judges and practicing attorneys, provide students' with a supportive learning atmosphere and a true understanding of the world of law.
    The school is also proud to publish a notable journal: HaMishpat - the Law School’s Law Review (published in Hebrew).

    Giving back to the community
    The students' education is enhanced by a variety of unique initiatives, such as the International summer courses, Programs for Outstanding Students' and "Matters" – the Law and Social Clinical Center that runs legal aid clinics in various fields.

    The Haim Striks School of Law offers several distinctive programs such as interdisciplinary BA programs: BA in Law and Accounting; BA in Law and Economics; BA in Law and Media Studies, and unique research programs.

    Several reputable research centers, initiated by faculty members, contribute well-researched,cutting-edge analysis of academic and public discourse in various fields, including international law, competition law,ethics and conflict resolution.

    Our highly acclaimed graduate degree program offers an LL.M in Law, as well as an LL.M with thesis program aimed at fostering a new generation of researchers. 




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