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    Psychology is the scientific study of the rich and complex nature of human behavior and mind. Our undergraduate academic program offers wide curriculum and an enriched learning experience that position our students for success as researchers, or in careers in the public and private sectors. Our students graduate with a breadth of skills and outlooks needed for the workplace and cope better with daily life.
    The academic program provides the highest standards of theoretical, methodological and practical training in all scientific fields of Psychology. The Psychology Department carries out all training sessions in small groups and in a supportive environment. We do not only encourage collaborative learning environment; our faculty provides the students with personal assistance whenever it is needed.
    Our Alumni Are Our Pride!
    Of the 18 alumni from our first graduating class, four were accepted to Master’s programs in Clinical Psychology, one to a program for Criminology and Social Rehabilitation, two to the program for Cognitive Neuroscience, one to the School of Business Administration and one was accepted to a program for CBT Training. The rest of our alumni are still in the application process for graduate degrees in Psychology or other Master’s or PhD programs. These are spectacular achievements unparalleled by other programs in the market. We are confident that alumni from the next graduating years will match the achievements of the first class of graduates.
    A Range of Attractive and Unique Scholarships for Psychology Studies
    There are unique scholarship programs for students majoring in Psychology – a wide range of scholarships for every student and up to full public university tuition for students who meet admission requirements based on their psychometric scores and high school graduate exams. 
    A Different Learning Experience
    The challenging and supportive learning environment in the department provides students with comprehensive training for all potential Master’s programs in Psychology (Adult Clinical Psychology, Child Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, and more). In addition, as part of the preparation for the Master’s programs, students participate in empirical seminars, thus gaining comprehensive research experience. Upon the completion of their studies, students can participate in a (subsidized) preparatory course for the exam required for acceptance into the graduate programs. 
    Prof. Shmuel (Mulli) Ellis is a full professor in social psychology and organizational behavior. He completed his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Tel Aviv University in 1985. In 1985-1988 he was on the faculty at the Open University and during the years 1992-2015 he was a faculty member in the Leon Recanati School of management at Tel Aviv University. In 1990-1992, he was a visiting professor at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has served as the head of the Undergraduate Management Department and academic director of the Organizational Consulting Program at Tel Aviv University. Professor Ellis joined the College of Management in 2015, and serves as the Head of the Department of Psychology. His fields of research are reflection methods and learning from successes and failures, organizational genealogies, entrepreneurship, organizational learning and knowledge management.
    Dr. Hanna Benoni is a senior lecturer and researcher in cognitive psychology. She obtained her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Tel Aviv University in 2013 (accelerated doctoral program for outstanding students). She went on to undertake post-doctoral studies in the Department of Psychology and Education at the Open University and in Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Benoni joined the faculty of the Psychology Department at the College of Management in 2014, and runs the department’s Cognitive Research and Visual Attention Laboratory. 
    Dr. Bentov has a Ph.D. in Social and Personality Psychology, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Bar Ilan University and a B.Sc. in Neuroscience from Tel Aviv University. She works as a psychologist at the Ministry of Health and in private practice. She has extensive experience in psychological, psychiatric, and mental health research. She has been a collaborator in a variety of studies, ranging from neurological models of mental illness to personality tests. Her current research focuses on understanding antisocial and prosocial behavior and processes in changing political positions. She is also engaged in clinical psychology studies. She specializes in using dynamic, cognitive, and game therapies for the individual treatment of children and adults. Her experience in higher education instruction includes a range of courses in psychology at different institutions.
    Dr. Zafrir Bloch-David is a social psychologist, researcher, and expert in the psychology of decision-making and behavioral economics, with an emphasis on social business entrepreneurship models (shared economy and supplementary currencies). He has extensive experience in consulting and entrepreneurship in social business, combining research and practice. His studies include confidence building between strangers in social networks, the “social market” versus the “economic market”, the psychological mechanisms of financial value – why money has value or objective value?. In 2014, he joined the Department of Psychology at the College of Management. In the applied world, he is a co-founder of WEconomize, which engages in research, teaching, consulting, and applying shared economy platforms and building supplementary currencies for organizations in Israel, where he serves as a consultant for enterprises and public organizations. He previously founded and managed intelligence and intellectual property start-ups
    Dr. Hadas Baram completed her Ph.D. in Psychology at Tel Aviv University. She won three prizes for her doctoral work: the Sergio Grywac Prize for doctoral dissertations in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel (2011); the Walter-Lebach Prize for Doctoral dissertation which promotes equality and fairness between Jewish and Arab citizens in Israel (2011); and the Tami Steinmats Research Center Prize for doctoral dissertation which promotes peace research (2012). She studied social psychology, clinical psychology, and group guidance at Tel Aviv University, as well as language and culture studies in Germany and Italy. She currently works as a researcher, a clinical psychology intern and as a group guide at Tel Aviv University. She joined the Department of Psychology at the College of Management in 2015. Her main areas of interest are intergroup relations, intergroup conflicts, radicalization, and coping with conflicting personal and group narratives. 
    Dr. Keren Shakhar is a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology. She completed her Ph.D. in Psychology at Tel Aviv University, and did her post-doctoral studies at the Bio-behavioral Medicine Program in the Department of Oncological Sciences at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. She joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology at the College of Management in 2013. Her research focuses on the psychology of health, specifically psycho-neuroimmunology. She studies the effect of stress during pregnancy on health, the bidirectional interaction between stress and repeated miscarriages, and the evolution of sickness behavior.
    Dr. Ido Ziv is an experienced clinical psychologist. He is an expert in target therapies, biofeedback, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), individual dynamic psychotherapy, and couples and family therapy. He completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in 2006, following his M.A. in Clinical Psychology and his B.A. at the university. He also has an MBA from the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management at Ben Gurion University, a joint program with Columbia University in New York for outstanding students. He joined the College of Management Academic Studies as a faculty member when it opened its Department of Psychology in 2011 and served as acting head of department in 2014-2015. He currently serves as the deputy head of department and the director of its psychotherapy clinics. Dr. Ziv’s research focuses on mechanisms of pressure and naïve theories. 
    Dr. Naomi Ziv is a senior lecturer at the Psychology Department. After completing her B.A. in psychology and French culture and literature at Tel-Aviv University, she continued to study psychology in Paris, at Paris-10, where she obtained her doctorate in 1999. Since then she has taught and is teaching in numerous institutions, such as Tel-Aviv Yafo Academic College and Tel-Aviv University. She joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology at the College of Management in 2011. Her main field of research is music psychology. She is interested mostly in music’s effects on emotions, thoughts, and behavior in different social situations. 
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Or Liubin
Received master's degree in clinical psychology




Dorin Duvkin
Received master's degree in clinical psychology




Alina Aven
Received degree in brain science




Ela Shnayderman
Received master's degree in clinical psychology




Noy Timsit
Received master's degree in Criminology and social rehabilitation




Racheli Yurowitz
Received master's degree in educational counseling




Liron Lavid
Received degree in movement






Michal Boimer
Received treatment and rehabilitation studies in animals



Omri Dallal
Received master's degree in cognitive psychology


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