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    The School of Behavioral Sciences, the College of Management - Academic Studies, was founded in 1994 and offered  students a distinctive and innovative multidisciplinary blend of theoretical and practical social science studies psychology sociology and anthropology. The school of Behavioral Sciences offers today a graduate program in Behavioral Sciences and postgraduate programs in Organizational  Consulting and Development
    and Family Studies.

    Academic Programs
    The curriculum exposes students to the diverse and multidisciplinary aspects of psychology and human behavior, awareness of social order and organization, as well as an in-depth understanding of cultural concepts.. The school exposes students to a wide variety of subjects in various areas of interest, including HR management, family studies, organizational consulting and development etc.

    The school also provides students with a broad basis for continuing their education towards higher
    degrees in social sciences, theory, applied research, and more. Students from COMAS, as well as other
    colleges and universities, are attracted by the school's unique and extremely popular MA programs held
    in high repute:
    » MA in Organizational Consulting & Development, with a consulting project – practicum – conducted
    in actual organizational units.
    » MA in Family Studies (the only one of its kind in Israel) offering inter-disciplinary study of the family
    unit – from sociological, psychological, cultural, legal and economic perspectives

    Our Graduates
    Our Graduates integrate in a wide variety of senior roles in the public, private and third sector, educational organizations, high-tech organizations etc.
    Moreover, The Career Management Center helps Our Graduates building their Career

  • 6000
  • 20
    Years of academic activity
  • 1100
    Students for Bachelor's and master's degrees
  • 1000
    Organisations co-operating with us

Family Studies

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M.A.  Consulting and Organizational Development

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B.A. Behavioral Sciences

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Academic Programs


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