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    The School of Computer Science at the College of Management Academic Studies   was established with the vision of fostering a leading academic community in Applied Computer Science, a community closely linked  to the innovative Israeli hi-tech industry. To this end, our programs are continually updated in order to anticipate the needs of the local and global hi-tech industries, while providing knowledge in other relevant scientific and engineering fields.

    A proven track record
    Our highly regarded B.Sc. degree is the culmination of a dynamic course of studies in all fields of computer science. With specializations in areas such as robotics, machine learning, network, information security and intelligent medical and video systems, the school has positioned itself at the cutting edge of computer science worldwide. Our achievements can best be measured by the success of our graduates The College of Management Academic Studies alumni hold key positions in leading hi-tech companies such as Microsoft, Ness, Orbotech, Intel, Motorola, Comverse, SAP, Nice and Checkpoint, to name only a few. The student body in the school is a select group with deliberately diverse backgrounds, including military officers who serve as software developers and complete their academic education while serving in the army.

    Research - aspiring to innovate
    The School Computer Science at the College of Management Academic Studies   operates two R&D facilities that develop Artificial Intelligence systems in the fields of intelligent video processing and robotics. These institutes collaborate with the IDF and industrial companies to develop algorithms and software for both military and civil applications. At our sophisticated and distinctive computer research and software development facilities, students gain hands-on experience in the research process and use of cutting edge equipment.

    We are proud of our students' achievements – including first prizes in various international competitions and awards for excellence. Our policy of encouraging students to excel is also expressed in numerous student start-ups that we have supported and have turned into real-life success stories.

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