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    The School of Design and Innovation which was established 20 years ago was the first school to offer an academic degree certified by Council for Higher Education in Interior Design. The school operates in a unique interdisciplinary academic environment in the field of design and offers three different programs for undergraduate and Masters studies: Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design, Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design with Specialization in Spatial Visual Communications, and a Masters of Arts in Entrepreneurial Design and Design Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

    A New Kind of Designer

    The Bachelor of Arts program in Interior Design trains designers and provides them with all of the academic elements necessary for taking on complex design projects, including all of the various theoretical, technological and entrepreneurial challenges. 


    The school has more than 90 faculty members from a variety of fields in interior design, architecture, environmental and presentation design, and art and visual communications design, each of who brings connections from the field along and fascinating fields of research.

    The curriculum is based on collaborations with industry leaders, organizations, institutions and authorities in Israel and abroad. These collaborations create opportunities for participation in actual projects which both enrich the students’ resumes, and provide them with a competitive edge in the employment market.

    The school has collaborated with Castro, Ynet, Pango+, Johnny Walker, Bank HaPoalim, Abbvee, Shlomo Sixty, Yair Duram, and Via Arkadia, among others.

    Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Labs

    Two of our flagship ventures leading the academic model of entrepreneurship at the School of Design are the “Designers Clinic” and FabLab Israel, which is part of an international network of labs that was founded at MIT in Boston. These ventures are available for use by labs for research, development, technology and networking. The students gain practical experience while still in school working on projects in design offices, and learn to work with innovative tools relevant to their chosen fields such as laser cutters and 3D printers.

    Our Alumni

    Our school’s alumni have formed a broad and diverse network and are leaders in the various fields of design in Israel and around the world, whether in firms or in academia.

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