Master's Degree (M.A.) Interdisciplinary design innovation and entrepreneurship

School of Design and Innovation
  • About the Program

    In an ever- changing world, the road to business success or social change is a combination of technology, creativity, and the ability to identify and lead  innovative initiatives. Creative innovation can change the world of business and entrepreneurship so long as one can speak   two languages: the language of design and innovation and the language of business and entrepreneurship.

    Are you interested in an M.A. that will take you several steps forward?
    The graduate program in Design, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation qualifies its students to lead the characterization, planning and management of complex issues while applying theoretical and practical methods in design, marketing strategies, the global ecosystem, and new trends   The program is taught by professionals from industry leading companies 


    Students in the Master's program in Interdisciplinary design innovation and entrepreneurship establish real-world ventures with the support of the best mentors in the industry.

    The M.A. in Design, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation is the only graduate program in Israel that enables you to realize the passion to create, initiate, manage, and lead groundbreaking initiatives  as well as work in an innovative   environment.
    The degree offers academic studies together with the creation of business and technology ventures:
    • Project-based learning (PBL) programs in collaboration with the industry.
    • Positioning students as entrepreneurs who know how to lead complex characterization, planning, and management processes 
    • Students implement  realize and  implement  ideas as well as manufacture  their prototypes.
    • The program is done in collaboration with leading industry professionals  , who serve as mentors and partners in leveraging and advancing the ventures.
    • The program is conducted at  urban innovation laboratories and at FabLabIl, part of MIT based global FabLab labs chain.
    • In the program, students are invited to establish and implement ventures as the core of their study process. The team of experts and mentors of different disciplines from the industry and academe personally consult each venture so it will can become a real-world business.
    • The program focuses on three main areas: digital innovation, urban innovation, and business innovation.


    Which roles can the program’s graduates fit into?

    The program trains its graduates to lead strategic initiatives, develop products, new ventures, services, and urban environments. Students in the program obtain a range of tools that will help them become the next industry leaders.

    Graduates can obtain a wide range of positions, including:
    Business innovation
    • Corporate innovation management 
    • Product management
    • Project Management and entrepreneurship
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Urban innovation
    • Urban strategy development
    • Urban innovation entrepreneurs
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Content Management and entrepreneurship 
    Technology innovation
    • Technology entrepreneur
    • Prototype development
    • UX and UI characterization and design
    • Service and customer experience experts
    • Digital production manager
    he curriculum includes a wide range of unique programs
    Students in the graduate program obtain training in the  use of theoretical and practical knowledge in design, marketing, technology, and other subjects when leading characterization, planning, and management processes through the development of business entrepreneurship under the guidance of top mentors from the industry.

    • Real-world projects in collaboration with companies and organizations from the industry: projects in social, municipal, and technology innovation, and in digital production.
    •  Unique workshops in innovation and entrepreneurship: scenario planning, design thinking, community cooperation, prepare for a real pitch   workshops in leadership and decision-making and more
    • Lectures from Israeli and foreign   experts and key people in the industry
    • A personal entrepreneurship project accompanied by mentors from the industry: technology ventures, smart environments,  object connectivity, urban innovation, and other ventures.
    • Basic courses in management, business entrepreneurship and business plans, marketing, finance, strategy, crowdfunding, venture and intellectual property law, management of enterprise innovation processes, and more.
    •  Innovation and entrepreneurship workshop overseas
    • Special events – start-ups, launching ventures, project presentation, etc.
    • The program is run by industry leading professionals 


    Courses include plan for real, business entrepreneurship and strategies, financial aspects of entrepreneurship and design  ; sustainable design – green consultant certification from the Standards Institution of Israel; UI/UX   characterization and design certification, trend forecasting workshop; business model development; management of enterprise innovation processes and globalization; summer workshops in Barcelona and the Netherlands; and more.

    About the Program

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