M.A. in Legal Studies for Non-Lawyers

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    nowadays. It does not matter if someone works in the business sector, the public one or even the social one. For any professional, legal knowledge means power. Professionals in various occupations have probably encountered legal dilemmas in the past as part of their work: as a manager or an executive dealing with organizational decision-making they were probably aware of the legal implications of every decision.

    The Law studies program for non-lawyers gives extensive legal knowledge relevant to the modern business world, and saves years of studies, an internship and a long training period.

    The program lasts four consecutive semesters.

    Two specialization programs are offered:
    • Commercial-business law for Business Administration, Economics and Accounting under-graduates
    • Law and society for Social sciences and Humanities under-graduates

    Classes are given twice a week: Thursday afternoons and Fridays' making it possible to combine work and studies.
    The M.A. program is a prestigious master's degree in a convenient and structured curriculum.

    The graduate Law Studies Program for non-lawyers is intended for anyone who seeks to enhance his or her legal understanding in the fields of finance, real-estate, society, media, family and more. The program includes a specialization in commercial-business Law or in   Law and society. Students usually come from the public and business sectors, where legal knowledge can aid their work. Among the students are CPAs, finance professionals, public workers in the field of finance, social workers and others.

    The program includes academic courses that train students to think like jurists. The program is suitable for any managerial position and for anyone who wishes to assume such positions. It is also relevant for anyone dealing with legal dilemmas that need relevant tools to deal with these issues effectively.

    Courses included in the program: Contract law, criminal law, public law, law and finance in Israel, the budget as a legal planning tool, law as a tool for social change, work relations in an era of change.

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