Club activity

Do you like to debate? Want to become ambassadors? Dreaming about real estate transactions? The student's union at the College of Management offers students to join a variety of clubs that provide them with ex-academic enrichment activities

The debate club
The debate club trains students to clearly communicate messages, sharpens their logical skills, and develops their rhetorics. The best speakers in the country serve as instructors in the club that meets once a week, which offers  its members practical experience and personal feedback. Club members also participate in competitions across the nation. The debate club operates in collaboration with the student union and the dean.

UN model
The UN model is a prestigious international project in which students from Israel and worldwide simulate UN activity according to UN procedures and its official discussion rules. Project participants learn about different countries and discuss global contemporary issues. The College of Management is a member of the UN Model Clubs Association in Israel along with other universities and academic institutions. 

Real estate club
The real estate club was opened in 2015. Club members enjoy lectures from the best experts in the country on various topics related to real estate entrepreneurship, and participate in social events, such as: conventions, meetings, networking events, external workshops, and tours.

Dance group
The representative dance group of the College of Management is an art venture that was established in 2014. It provides a response to lovers of various dance styles. Group members meet once a week. The dancers are accompanied and trained by the famous choreographer Galit Balahsan-Iger, the director and founder of the School of Dance Arts and Body Building. The group works at the Rishon LeZion Performing Arts Center.